My Books

I’ve had the joy and privilege to write for different publishers over the years. Here’s a list of what’s out there:

Short of Glory: A Biblical and Theological Exploration of the Fall (Crossway 2023), available here.

Resurrection Hope and the Death of Death (Crossway 2022), available here.

Hope for All the Earth: Understanding the Story of the Old Testament (10Publishing 2022), available here.

Daniel. TGC Bible Commentary (The Gospel Coalition 2021), available here.

40 Questions About Typology and Allegory (Kregel Academic 2020), available here.

Daniel. The ESV Expository Commentary, volume 7 (Crossway 2018), available here.

Behold Our Sovereign God: All Things from Him, through Him, and to Him (Lucid Books 2012), available here.

The Gospel Is for Christians. 2nd edition (Lucid Books 2010; 2020), available here.