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The Gist

I want to read the Old Testament in light of the New and the New Testament in light of the Old. I want to marvel at the truth, beauty, goodness, and depth of Scripture.

I’m interested in exegetical theology and theological exegesis. I want to think about the Bible and its countless intertextual connections.

I want to notice the development and use of earlier texts in later texts. I want to discern literary structures, authorial intent, and canonical significance.

I want to behold Christ.

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The Writer

I’ve been preaching and teaching the Bible for over twenty years, and I’m more awestruck now than ever by its wisdom and beauty. My life involves pastoral and academic work, so my writing connects to those realms.


  • PhD in Biblical Studies (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

  • ThM in New Testament (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

  • MDiv with a concentration in Biblical Theology (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

  • BA in Christianity and Psychology (Houston Christian University)

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Understanding God's Word in God's World


Following Jesus in Louisville with my family, pastoring Kosmosdale Baptist Church, teaching biblical studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, writing about what I love